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Be Confident In Your Purchase

The animals available for purchase symbolize more than just the purchase itself; they embody our dedication and learning process to reach this point. Our goal is to raise animals that enjoy a high quality of life, possess a good temperament, and meet the expectations of breed standards.


It is crucial to thoroughly research potential sellers and understand their operations. A reputable seller will be transparent about their background, their animals, and provide any necessary information to ensure your confidence in the purchase. Cultivate a strong rapport with them! 


We strongly advise a farm visit if a buyer wishes to see an animal before making a purchase. We encourage individuals to visit the farm themselves and select the animal as this will provide buyers with more certainty and confidence in our livestock. For long-distance purchases, we will make every effort to accurately represent the animal with updated photos, videos, and descriptions.​

Before Leaving Farm​

Full payment for all animals is required prior to their departure from the farm. This includes covering expenses such as boarding, veterinary care, and shipping. We reserve the right to retain any offspring from any pairing, regardless of whether a deposit has been placed. In the event that this occurs, we will refund your payment or exchange animals if we are able. 

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