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Common Goat Questions


What is your go to for feeding bottle babies?

We like to use this following recipe: 

  • 1 Gallon whole milk

  • 1 Cup of heavy whipping cream

  • Dab of yogurt

  • 1 Egg

Feeding this mixture will have your bottle babies looking like they were fed by mom, if not better! 

Why does my goat cough all the time?

This is a good thing! You want to hear your goat cough as that is your key indicator that they are releasing the gases from their rumen. Coughing should become concerning when they develop a snotty nose and/or raspy breathing. That will indicate that your goat may be developing an illness. 


Have you ever looked at the eye of a goat? 

Looking at the eyelid of a goat is important to knowing the status of their parasite load, also known as FAMACHA testing. By pulling down the eyelid, you should see a nice darker shade of pink. Attached, is a link that will take you to the FAMACHA testing chart and more information.

Have you ever noticed that their pupils are rectangular? This gives a goat 320-340 degrees of vision and an excellent top-hand in night vision. 

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