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Common Swine Questions

Want to learn more about pigs? Keep on reading! 

Image by Matthew Halmshaw

What does it take to raise pigs in the winter months?

"Cold pigs, even mature pigs, require more feed to maintain heat production and body condition. Growing pigs living in cold conditions will have poor feed conversion rates, increased feed intake, and will likely struggle to grow without free access to good feed and housing keep warm. How much feed does it take to maintain body weight or growth in cold temperatures? Depending on the age and size of pig, and outside temperatures and weather conditions, you may need to increase the daily feed allowance by 3x or more."

Image by Alan Roberts

What are the best ways to avoid pigs from cannibalistic tendencies?

There are several factors that may cause pigs to become cannibalistic. It is important to routinely cut tails within the first week of being born, making sure there is plenty of room for rooting in the soil, making sure feed is sufficient and they aren't lacking in nutrition, and having enrichment for them so that they don't get bored. If pigs have too long of tails and boredom sinks in, it may cause them to find interest in chewing on tails. Once they break skin, they won't stop and it is a domino effect from there. If pigs are in a case of neglect where they are not getting enough food, they will turn towards each other as well. It is important to find the root cause to why they may aiming at each other, fix the problem and treat the individuals affected, and keep an eye on the situation for improvement. 

Image by Christina Abken

What is the average daily weight gain for a pig?

Average daily gain, or ADG, should be between 1.5 to 2.0 pounds per day.

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