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Express Wean is offered with and without medication. Express Wean MD contains 50 g/ton Mecadox for enteric (gut) pathogens and has a 42 day withdrawal. Feed as a creep feed and for weaned pigs from 3 to 6 weeks post-weaning to develop muscle and body mass. 


Formulateed with high amino acid levels with moderate diet protein as well as in-feed acid, probiotics, high levels of zinc and copper and an ideal fiber balance all the help reduce loose stools and promote gut health. Contains muliple animal and refined vegetable protein ingredients, two different milk-based lactose sources, and two flavor/feed intake enhancers to do everything possible to maximize all genetic potential of you weaned show pig prospects in the nursery preparing for sales. Transition or blend with 20 Max during mid to late nursery depending on body type needs. 

Express Wean

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