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Medications & Dosages: Goats

Updated: Jan 16

When you are in a pinch, a panic, trying to remember what medication to use, how much, and how often can be overwhelming. Allow us to provide you quick charts to look at when you need them the most. We want to give you the ability to succeed, but as a disclaimer, we are not Veterinarians and it is important to contact your Veterinarian to ensure the best care and protocol for your situation. These are recommendations, we are not responsible for anything that may occur. The dosages in the following charts have been gathered from several different resources and I have broken down the dosages into smaller increments as well.


After administering antibiotics, follow up with a probiotic to replenish the intestinal gut flora

Pain, Fever, Inflammation


Have a fecal done prior to treating. Treat only as needed and rotate wormers. This will help avoid resistance. Sometimes a dual wormer is needed to knock out those stubborn parasites. See the image below the chart for reference.

 Vitamins & Preventions

Medications Safe to Use Together

  • Excenel & Penicillin

  • Excenel & Ampicillin

  • Baytril & Penicillin

  • Nuflor & Penicillin

  • Nuflor & Draxxin

  • Draxxin & Bio-mycin

Medications NOT Recommended to Use Together

  • Penicillin & Ampicillin

  • Excenel & Biomycin

  • Excenel & Draxxin

  • Penicillin & Bio-mycin

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