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Ruger: December 11-17, 2023

Local Markets from this past week: Per head unless specified

Colby, KS

Fort Collins, CO


$55.00-187.50 (CWT)

$95.00-350.00 (CWT)


$12.50-180.00 (CWT)

$80.00-240.00 (CWT)


$55.00-105.00 (CWT)

$82.50-470.00 (CWT)


$55.00-347.50 (CWT)

$77.50-162.50 (CWT)




Butcher Hog

$25.00-72.50 (CWT)

$80.00-112.50 (CWT)

We have a new addition that finally got to come home today! However, we still can't forget that we are impatiently waiting for the arrival of babies. While we wait, we have been working on some projects around the farm.

Remy, giving the look of dispare. Her due date is 12/18/23 and if I say so myself, she is over being pregnant. Her belly has dropped, sunken in at her hips, full bag, and lost one ligament. Babies are to arrive any day now.

Weekly Update: Pig & Goat Evaluations

The gilts are getting antsy and ornery. To which, I do not blame them as they are ready to farrow in a week. I had to unexpectedly work on Saturday so I didn't get to finish up the last few details on the crates to load the girls up. We are running out of time to get them settled in. Don't worry, I'm not stressed...

The two does due this month have different reactions at this point in time. Remy, who has already kidded, is showing normal signs of progression to drop those babies. Twig, on the other hand, first timer, hasn't shown much sign of being in any discomfort. Both are due on Monday, but we shall see how long it takes for this newbie to start showing me signs.

Farm projects continue to pile up as the months go on. Winter is just around the corner from putting a damper on our outside projects so we have been trying to get kidding pens and farrowing crates assembled so we don't run into space issues later on. Outside of baby prep, I spent a good chunk of time closing up holes and minimizing the draft through the barn. There is still a lot of things to get done but for this year, it will have to do. Slowly, but surely, we will get to where we want to be.

Chocolate Heelers

I told myself that I was going to wait until next year to get a male chocolate, but here we are! I spent the day driving to Lincoln, Nebraska to pick up our newest addition to the family, Ruger. As long as he grows as expected, he will be our chocolate stud. He is a double registered chocolate heeler that was born in Cowgill, Missouri at Freedom Farm Exotics.

Katrina and her husband are wonderful folks to work with and she sent pictures and videos just about every day. If there were any concerns or questions needed answered, they were on top of it! They even welcomed me into their home to meet Ruger on my way back from my Thanksgiving travels. I highly recommend doing business with them if you ever have the chance! I told myself that I was going to wait until next year to purchase a male but I couldn't pass up this great opportunity. Welcome to the family, Ruger!

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