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An Overdue Introduction

What can I say? It is long overdue for beginning my writing work. I may not be a professional writer but I will give you every detail to paint you the picture to my chaos that I call life.

Hi, I am Hannah and I am the mastermind to the madness and John calls himself the chore boy who pays the bills. Don't let him fool you, we run our business off of teamwork and our strengths allow us to work well together. He has the muscle and deep pockets and I have the brain that keeps his pockets empty. All jokes aside, we established farm life in 2021 and have continued to grow ever since. Our farm yard consists of show goats, show and market pigs, poultry, and livestock guardian dogs.

All About Us

John and I have been together since 2015 and we have ultimately decided that we are going to spend our lives together raising livestock at our SW Nebraska homestead. We thrive off of learning how to live off the land and utilizing everything we can to reduce waste. As we learn through experience, we will be sharing our journey with you guys through our blog.


We are strategically growing our herd, goals, and hearts to bigger opportunities. We can guarantee satisfaction and a well rounded idea of what to expect when doing business with us. Not only can you personally speak with us, you can also find any informational details on our website, Facebook, or Instagram.

As we continue to work through the highs and the lows of working on the farm, I want to be able to share our experiences with you. Our blog will be nothing but raw material of farm life and how we can work through the toughest of times. Not only will we have material about our experiences, we will also drop recipes and information on projects we have going on.

Welcome, to the long overdue.

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