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BC: December 4-10, 2023

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Local Markets from this past week: Per head unless specified

Colby, KS

Fort Collins, CO


$55-192 (CWT)



$25-360 (CWT)



$85-230 (CWT)



$55-375 (CWT)





Butcher Hog

$62-79 (CWT)

$85-110 (CWT)

Weekly Recap

The beginning of this past week was smooth sailing; however, the rest of the week was a drastic downfall. Started the week strong, feeling good. Getting out of bed was a breeze. Wednesday came along and I had continuous tears streaming down my right eye. To look at any form of light was an instant wince and made me want to crawl in a dark hole. I got an appointment with the eye doctor and he found an ulcer right along my pupil. He told me to follow his exact instructions otherwise I could go blind if scar tissue develops. Needless to say I was a little nervous so I follwed his exact instructions and he insisted that I come back in first thing the next morning. That night, I woke up around 4am with the same exact pain in my left eye. I got up from my chair, as I couldn't sleep flat, and put my eye drops in both eyes to try to relieve the new pain in my left eye. As morning approached, Jack and I loaded up and went back to North Platte. Doctor then told me that I have a contagious viral infection in my eyes. Once it moved from one eye to the other, my doctor was very confident that it was a virus. He said that he has seen one other virus case this year and mine was not near as bad. That made me feel a little better. Overall, I am still recovering from the ulcer and virus infection but I am on the mend! I do not wish this on my worst enemy. If you learn anything from my experience, continue to wash your hands and don't touch your eyes!


Goat & Pig Observations

The count down continues! We are just over a week away from the arrival of kids and two weeks away from piglets. We only have two kidding this month but it is always something to look forward to. Jack and I never travel home for Christmas so these kids and piglets will give us something cheerful to look forward to.

We officially have peace of mind knowing that we are going to have 4 gilts farrowing Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day! We invested in "P-Test", which is exactly what it sounds. We collected urine, and injected the urine into a vial with special powder. The best thing about this test is that the powder can change into various colors depending on how far along they are in their pregnancy. The darker the color, the further along they are. We were very happy with the tests and will continue to use these in the future. These tests can be used for a variety of species so if you need to know the results of a pregnancy right away, this is one product that can give you the answers you need.

The dark blue/purple color in the vial indicates that our gilt is in late pregnancy. This is accurate as she is due on Christmas day.

The does are getting nice and round, ready to pop. I would like to say the two girls this month are the only ones that are miserable but the girls due in January and February are just as tired. Jack put Ms. Remy on the stand so we can do a physical check on her and try to bump her belly to feel those babies. I was picking at her tail and Jack asked me what I was doing. I told him that I was cleaning out her butt cheese. To clarify, I was cleaning out the pocket at the base of the underside area of the tail. It collects feces and other cheese-like gunk. Jack looked at me sideways and shook his head side to side. I might be crazy but I know I'm not the only one who calls it that. Right?

You can see the white colored pocket that I had cleaned out at the base of the tail. This pocket can collect a bunch of gunk so I help the girls to keep them clean. I don't know about you, but I like a clean butt!

Do you clean out the butt cheese?

  • 0%Yes!

  • 0%Ew, no.

Needless to say, it's been an exhausting week but at least I can say we were still able to make some lighthearted jokes throughout the week. Cheers to being one week closer to babies!

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